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Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Nov 29

Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co


Have you thought of sprucing the concrete in your home with the budget? Perhaps you could create a area that is unique from the others without breaking the bank? Either way, stamped concrete will be the ideal solution for you. Our team here at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co are ready to help you with your stamped concrete needs.


Concrete stamping is a fantastic method to give concrete surfaces some new life. This technique can transform a normal concrete finish into an masterpiece. You can choose from a selection of colors, textures, and designs. It is also possible to have it embossed to look similar to other materials.


Concrete stamping offers your home cheaper alternatives to expensive pavement materials. These include the likes of bricks and tiles. The great thing of it is that this isn't compromising its durability as well as its aesthetics. In addition, you can use this method on different concrete surfaces. It's great for patios, pool decks, driveways, entryways, and other things.


Advantages of stamped concrete


Also also known as decorative cement, stamped concrete delivers real benefits with regard to aesthetics, efficiency, and cost savings. To give you a clearer idea of what it is we're discussing this list of the primary advantages of stamped concrete:


Enhanced Durability

Stamped Concrete is durable enough that it can withstand weather temperatures, temperature, or other harmful external elements. If it is constructed correctly, as any concrete surface, it will last for years. Therefore, it is important to hire an professional to put it up for you. Additionally, concrete surfaces that are stamped are strong enough to stand up to wear and traffic.


Very little maintenance

Concrete decorative surfaces are easy to maintain regardless of color or texture. You can clean off dirt using a water hose or clean up debris using a regular sweeper. Unlike concrete pavers, stamped concrete surfaces do not settle or loose. Also, they do not require replacing or replacing or resetting.


Easy Installation Process

A lot of concrete contractors find it much more efficient and cost-effective making concrete than put in individual pavers by hand. Designing a concrete block or applying a pattern on it requires less time than installing pavers piece by piece.


Adds Value to Your Property

Stamped concrete instantly enhances curb appeal. The same time, it helps increase the aesthetic worth of a property. Selecting stamped concrete over simple concrete will help maximize the return on your investment.



Stamped concrete is the most effective alternative to more expensive construction materials. The process mimics luxury materials like natural stone, brick, tile, and wood. It's more expensive than simple concrete. It's nevertheless, more affordable than using the actual kinds of these products. Usually, decorative cement costs around $9 to $16.25 in square feet. However, for high-end styles and custom-designed designs, it may go higher. Additionally, since stamped concrete is simple to maintain, it is a great way to save on maintenance over the long term.


Stamped Concrete Projects


It is our pleasure to work with you. Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co have over a decade of experience providing quality stamped concrete projects. We produce authentic replicas costly materials at a sensible cost. Thus, making us the concrete contractor of choice throughout our Knoxville, TN area.


Our company stamps various concrete projects, including:


  • Concrete Patio
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Resurfacing


With this service, we improve the appearance of standard concrete and unique. We can build your dream backyard design or recreate the concrete floor pattern you want at a cost that is lower. Our company has a broad choice of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. We also do custom design for you if you'd prefer your own unique take on that concrete job.


Our Method of Doing It


It is our mission at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co take very seriously our concrete stamping work. We are the most reputable concrete stamping service located in Knoxville, Tennessee, to the present. In order to ensure that we only supply the highest quality stamped concrete adhere to these steps:


Step 1: Assessment


Our team is responsible for ensuring that the area of the stamping is ready for overlay. Therefore, we verify for any minor damages and repair them if necessary. If a concrete slab is badly damaged slab, our team will recommend replacing it before stamping. When working on new concrete area, we evaluate this area in particular, the soil condition. We ensure it's the right soil for the project as the condition of the soil may affect the performance of the project.


Step 2 2. Preparation


We ensure that the substrate is clean prior the application of overlay. This is essential to ensure that the overlay adheres to the surface. If there are previous overlays then we remove them first. With this procedure, we get to ensure we start on a completely clean slate. Additionally, this process includes the delivery of supplies to the site. In having everything we need on site allows us to begin and finish the project on time.


Step 3: Pouring Overlay


When the surface is prepared after which we can begin pouring our overlay. Our team of concrete experts make sure to place it on the top, spread it out, and then put it on a level surface. We then stamp it with stamp mats with your choice of type of design or patterns. We do customization of the stamped surface, too. Based on your preferences, the surface can be engraved, scored, or stained.


Step 4 4. Sealing


To finish the entire process We apply a layer of concrete sealer on top of the concrete stamped. It acts as a shield and a little shine. It can also help in enhancing the color you've picked if you select the stained look. Concrete sealers can also extend the life span of any concrete surface. Be assured that we only use the top concrete sealers to produce top-quality quality results.

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